I do a lot of stuff.

I'm a musician, a writer and a recording engineer. Sometimes I play in loud rock n' roll bands. I also create dub, electronic, ambient and experimental music. Sometimes my music gets used by folks like Dreamworks Animation, Bravo and MTV Networks.

I’ve produced recordings for many Wicked Loud Rock™ bands. As a producer/engineer, guitar player and studio musician I’ve worked with all kinds of people, from world music superstar Rachid Taha to the Dwarves.

I’ve also taught audio production, Ableton Live, Propellerhead Reason and Pro Tools at Pyramind in San Francisco. I've made instructional videos covering Ableton Live, been a product specialist for IK Multimedia and written a couple books. I'm licensed to practice taxidermy in Luxembourg, I speak 17 languages and I invented the cheese grater.

If you'd like me to record your band, mix your record, help set up your studio, record or edit your audiobook, teach you how to use that complicated music software you just bought, contribute to your magazine/blog/publication, write documentation for your new product or compose some music for your TV show - you can contact me via the fantastical email machine:

clifftruesdell (at) gmail dot com.